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#2117 Duplicate Wrong path separator is sent to unix daemon from windows gui Winand

Install daemon on unix-based os with slash separator. Connect to daemon from Windows gtkui. Open Add torrent dialog. Paths within torrent are separated with Windows native backslash ("\"). When task is sent to daemon it takes backslashes as part of filename.

I made a dirty hack so all native seps are replaced with slash before sending task to deluged. But we cannot know that slash is native for remote daemon, so this is not a good solution.

while row != None:
    torrent_id = self.torrent_liststore.get_value(row, 0)
    filename = self.torrent_liststore.get_value(row, 2).replace(os.path.sep, '/') #WA

This is discussed here

#2129 Fixed Empty filename can be set in Add Torrent dialog Winand

So file has the same name as folder.

#2130 Fixed Same name can be given to different files in Add Torrent dialog Winand

In this case the first file disappeared, and the second file was downloaded with the size of the first one. (So it is being played with artifacts)

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