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#416 Invalid Gtkui should not close deluged if it is already running when ui starts. andar allanontd@…

Start deluged from terminal, and then webui for remote control. Then let say I start gtkui on local machine to check downloads: when I close gtkui deluged is shut down. I think that gtkui should not close deluged if it is already running when ui starts.

#785 Invalid Deluge does not start andar Almo

Hi there! I have a problem running deluge. I have updated Deluge to 1.1.2 version yesterday. This morning I shut down my Ubuntu 8.10 without closing Deluge, as I always did in 1.1.1. Now, when I am back from school, I start Deluge and it does not respond. Well, actually it does respond: window opens with no content in it. And that's all what I get.

#2718 Invalid deluge: open folder just runs on the second time althaser

Version: 1.3.10

Dear Maintainers,

open folder just opens the file manager (here nautilus) on the second time I do open folder, via right-click on the torrent or via torrent -> open folder.

this is the part I do the first open folder: [DEBUG ] 22:25:55 torrentview:575 on_button_press_event [DEBUG ] 22:25:55 torrentview:596 on_selection_changed [DEBUG ] 22:25:55 torrentview:575 on_button_press_event [DEBUG ] 22:25:56 menubar:308 on_menuitem_open_folder

here is the second time: [DEBUG ] 22:26:52 torrentview:575 on_button_press_event [DEBUG ] 22:26:52 menubar:308 on_menuitem_open_folder [DEBUG ] 22:26:59 torrentview:575 on_button_press_event [DEBUG ] 22:27:00 menubar:308 on_menuitem_open_folder

from what I understand I have a few seconds to do the second open folder otherwise I will need at least 4 times to open folder.

This only happens if I don't have nautilus running.

Cheers, althaser

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