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#1903 Fixed Super Seeding Cas WillyWolly

This is a reminder to put a Super Seeding option in, now that libtorrent 0.15 is used. See the FAQ:

Q: Does Deluge support Initial/Super? Seed? A: Not yet, but it will be added in the future when libtorrent 0.15 is released

#1920 Duplicate Checking Torrent Stops at a Random Percentage on Windows WillyWolly

The checking of torrents stops suddenly on Windows. The problem occurs very often. It just stops checking at some percentage and refuses to continue. I have to close and start Deluge again for it to continue, but then it starts checking the same torrent again and stops at some point.

NOTE: I rolled back to 1.3.2, which does not have the problem. So this should be easy to trace back for you.

Also note that there is now a new status for torrents that are checking which is called 're-checking' (or something - I can't remember exactly), which is displayed as status sometimes instead of just checking. This could be related to this. Also in this version some torrents won't respond to pause/resume commands, which is related I think.

#2085 Fixed Web interface does not show torrents in side bar categories other than 'All' damoxc WillyWolly

In the web interface connected to a win32 Deluge, when clicking the categories in the side bar, other than 'All' (Paused, Queued, Seeding or Active, and the tracker-specific categories) no torrents come up.

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