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#1920 Duplicate Checking Torrent Stops at a Random Percentage on Windows WillyWolly

The checking of torrents stops suddenly on Windows. The problem occurs very often. It just stops checking at some percentage and refuses to continue. I have to close and start Deluge again for it to continue, but then it starts checking the same torrent again and stops at some point.

NOTE: I rolled back to 1.3.2, which does not have the problem. So this should be easy to trace back for you.

Also note that there is now a new status for torrents that are checking which is called 're-checking' (or something - I can't remember exactly), which is displayed as status sometimes instead of just checking. This could be related to this. Also in this version some torrents won't respond to pause/resume commands, which is related I think.

#2085 Fixed Web interface does not show torrents in side bar categories other than 'All' damoxc WillyWolly

In the web interface connected to a win32 Deluge, when clicking the categories in the side bar, other than 'All' (Paused, Queued, Seeding or Active, and the tracker-specific categories) no torrents come up.

#2199 Invalid After sleep Deluge doesn't accept incoming connections anymore WillyWolly

When I suspend my system (Windows 7 x64), using eigher sleep or hibernate, upon waking the system the "test active port" test for incoming connections fails consistently. Restarting Deluge resolves it.

This might be exclusive to Windows though, or libtorrent's win32 implementation.

This is unrelated to UPnP - I have it disabled and use manual port forwarding (note that there is another problem with Windows sleep and UPnP).

I'd like to hear if anyone else has this problem or if it's caused by something else in my setup.

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