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#2455 Invalid "Not connected" after browser refresh amain

After doing a browser refresh, the deluge web-ui reports in the lower left corner in the status bar: "Not connected". Now when opening the connection manager, it shows the deluge daemon perfectly as "connected". However, I can only click "Disconnect" to really disconnect from the daemon and the click "Connect" to connect to it again.

Expected behavior: I would expect that the web-ui stays connected after a browser refresh.

#2724 Fixed JSON-RPC not forwarding exceptions/errors causing browser to time-out on calls amain


    def _on_rpc_request_failed(self, reason, response, request):
        Handles any failures that occurred while making an rpc call.

Above code will never send back a JSON-RPC response to the browser. Causing the browser to time-out. This can easily be reproduced by raising an DelugeError? exception in one of the Deluge daemon @export RPC methods.

As a result exceptions can't be used to inform browser on RPC failures. Note that there is also no other mechanism in Deluge to create JSON-RPC error responses. Making it hard to handle errors generically in the browser.

#284 WontFix Deluge WebUI Plugin contains an invalid security certificate mvoncken amaner

when attempting to connect to the deluge webUI using http secure, firefox 3.0 report an invalid security certificate, and refuse to connect (unless an exception is setup, in the case of firefox)


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