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#627 WontFix Adding multiple torrents has un-intuitive behavior andar jonesmz@…

Adding multiple torrents at once is unintuitive.

Currently, pressing "add" automatically adds ALL of the torrents in the add queue to deluge.

What I was expecting is that clicking add adds the currently highlighted torrent, allowing further options to be set for the torrents not yet selected.

#2150 Invalid Adding of existing torrent, not in list, zeroes the ratio/uploaded counter scuba

I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 with deluge-torrent 1.3.5.

I had downloaded a torrent file, at a later date I downloaded it again not realizing it was already downloaded. I added the torrent through autoadd and when I watched in deluge client I saw that the torrent already existed and had a ratio of 0.834, a second later it said 0.0 and its status was moved from paused to queued. The file already existed in the "downloaded folder" so it should have caught on to that then.

I solved the "not found" problem by pausing and moving the "target path" to the "downloaded folder" and then "recheck torrent".

Note: Also using "move torrent" when finished, so a temporary path at first.

#1473 Fixed Adding support for switching uid after startup for daemons cinderblock

I've written a patch to let deluged and deluge-web be started by root and then switch UIDs (and GIDs). The main reason for this (for me) is so they can write a pidfile (specified at the command line) as root and then switch to regular/lower privileges.

I also cleaned up the forking in deluged (before ever looking at the deluge-web source) and then saw that it was done in this much cleaner way in the deluge-web daemon.

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