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#154 Fixed Deluge silently crashes when adding new torrent markybob

As summary says, I just want to add new tirrent and it crashes without any error messages in console.

#163 Fixed Fail to start if port not available or not a high port andar

When is loaded it the first time, the config questions started. I selected port 80 and the rest and the client was gone.

Same after selecting port 2444 used by another application.

There should at least be a little dialog explaining why Deluge is about to disappear without a trace before closing due to a network problem.

It also took a while to find the config under .config/Deluge to get the config questions to be asked again.

#165 Fixed Share ratio incorrect in v0.5.8.9 markybob TomTerrific

Just downloaded the src and built the latest version of deluge and it's running well.

But looks like there is a bug in how the share ratio is calculated.

Version: deluge,, source downloaded and built.

Env: Ubuntu, 8.04 Beta (Kernel 2.6.24-16-386 32b), all current updates installed.

H/W: Pentium 4, 1.4G

How to reproduce:

I started a new deluge session with four paused torrents with fast resume data. None of the torrents had downloaded or uploaded any data yet.

Started downloading on the torrents.

Examine information for a torrent. The amount of data listed as uploaded and downloaded looks OK.

But the share ratio is incorrect.

For example the download amount is 80.5 MiB (80.5 MiB) and the uploaded amount is 80.5 MiB (80.5 MiB) and the ratio is displaying as 1.684.

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