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#124 WorksForMe Blocklist plugin completely broken, plus it <probably> doesn't honour the "download every XYZ days" setting Tito Puente

Deluge on Ubuntu 8.04 updated as of today.

The blocklist plugin is completely broken.

After removing ~.config/deluge/blocklist* and then installing the latest deluge, when I configure the Blocklist Importer to download every 0 days (default), it shows the small download window with a progress bar which frezzes at 0%.

I know for sure the URL is fine, I can download the filter file with the browser and amule has no problems with it.

After about 5 minutes of a frozen window, it throws the cryptic error message: Couldn't download URL:('http protocol error',0,'got a bad status line', None)

Incidentally, ubuntu hardy official version 5.8.4 works including the blocklist plugin; however the "download the list every XYZ days" setting is ignored and the list is downloaded every single time deluge is started.

To better handle brokenness, I suggest blocklist importer to support an "download list on restart" checkbox (if checked, then ask every how many days). If unchecked, then the plugin should try to use the local cache that we can download manually with a browser. This is amule's behaviour and works very well.

With freeze, looking at the terminal messages, I see: ~$ checking for ubuntu... no existing Deluge session Starting new Deluge session... deluge_core; using libtorrent Compiled with NDEBUG. Applying preferences save uploaded memory Pickling state... Scanning plugin dir /usr/share/deluge/plugins Initialising plugin FlexRSS Initialising plugin Search Initialising plugin TorrentCreator? Initialising plugin MoveTorrent? Initialising plugin WebUi? Initialising plugin WebSeed? Initialising plugin NetworkHealth? Initialising plugin BlocklistImport? Initialising plugin Scheduler Initialising plugin TorrentPeers? Initialising plugin TorrentFiles? Initialising plugin EventLogging? Initialising plugin TorrentNotification? Initialising plugin SpeedLimiter? Initialising plugin NetworkGraph? Initialising plugin DesiredRatio? Applying preferences Starting DHT... no old fastresume to delete Found TorrentSearch? plugin... Found TorrentFiles? plugin... Found TorrentPeers? plugin... Found blocklist plugin ... Fetching save uploaded memory Pickling state... Cancelling Cancelling Cancelling Cancelling

#125 WorksForMe deluge fails to start after an update; deleting of "prefs.state" helps markybob dim.jakobi at

After an update to deluge the program suddenly failed to start after a reboot. As I deleted the "prefs.state" file in ~/.config (and restored some settings such as "network" etc. manually) everything works fine so far.

I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 32 bit. Before installing a new version I deleted the old version via synaptic. I hope this will help.

#126 WorksForMe Torrents become invisible markybob

Using the latest release,, torrents seem to disappear from the list after adding new ones.

The torrent stops seeding, and disappears from the list, but manually adding it again produces the "this torrent is already loaded, should I merge trackers?" dialog. All torrents are available as normal after closing and re-opening Deluge.

I have 32 torrents loaded, there doesn't seem to be a pattern to which torrent will disappear, and I'm not sure how to reproduce it.

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