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#71 Invalid wrong speed unit in markybob


Just noticed that the unit for down or up speed is currently "KiB/s", which doesn't make any sense to me. The "correct" unit should be "kB/s" if the SI symbol for kilo (k) should be used. Maybe a very, very minor bug, but still something to improve! :) Maybe it's already done in a later version, but on my Xubuntu is the current available version.

All the best! /T.

#72 Fixed GUI doesn't update markybob anonymous

The GUI sometimes doesn't update (neither the detailed information nor the torrent list refreshes.) If deluge is minimized and maximized, or hidden and unhidden, then the UI updates. The detailed information updates if tabs are clicked (ex. to update "Details" click the "Peers" or "Files" tab and then click "Details" again.)

#73 Fixed Multiple watch folders andar gregorovius

Hi. First of all, great work on 0.6, it's looking nice so far. I'd like to add a request, maybe for core, maybe for a plugin: I'd like to have multiple watch folders, like rTorrent has.

For example, I can set 3 watch folders ~/torrents/movies; ~/torrents/games; ~/torrents/tv

so when I drop a .torrent in each of them, it starts the download in a different directory. In this case, something like ~/downloads/movies; ~/downloads/games; ~/downloads/tv


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