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#2145 Fixed [win32] locales missing from bundled gtk an1k3y

#2295 Fixed Persistant store of WebUI display settings damoxc ancient

The settings for what columns should be shown, and what order they should be sorted in is not stored in a persistent manner, but rather stored into the ys-torrentGrid cookie.

This means that this portion of the webui settings are lost between browsers, as well as lost every 7 days when the cookie has expired.

Deluge.js:34 seems to be responsible for setting this to use cookies.

This appears to affect the entire 1.3.x branch and git master.

#2495 Invalid HTTP User-Agent is missing with libtorrent 1.0.1 ancient

After upgrading libtorrent to 1.0.1 I observed that Deluge's tracker announcements do not set a HTTP User-Agent.

Downgrading to libtorrent 0.16.17 fixed this and Deluge was again sending a user-agent of "Deluge 1.3.7".

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