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#1082 Duplicate Additional columns for uploaded and downloaded amount in torrent list andar sidd

Currently there is no way to display the amount uploaded or downloaded in the main torrent list. This information is only available from the details panel on individual torrents. Concequently, it is not possible to sort the list, for example, by the amount uploaded.

This columns could be added, but not enabled by default (in view columns), thereby not impacting UI in any way.

#344 Fixed additional functions of plugin "Torrent Creator" andar waltherbans

The plugin "Torrent Creator" is not rewritten for v1.0.0 yet, so I have some idea's to make it better:

It should remember trackers added. Maybe it's possible to organize default trackers in plugin's preferences?
It should not only be possible to add the created torrent to the "waiting list" (don't know the english term for it because i use a - very well - translated version) automatically (why else would i create a torrent?) but it should also remember the file's or folder's path.

Right now the plugin doesn't fit in Ubuntu 8.04 (see attachment) and it doesn't remember its size if I fit it.

#217 Fixed Additions to blocklist plugin markybob a_tabula_rasa@…

I am new to Ubuntu and this is my first python plugin. I would really like to see it in the next version.


1) Adds preferences to blocklist config: "Show import dialog on startup" 2) If import dialog is enabled it will show it on startup or else it wont 3) It will still show the import dialog when changing the config (to avoid confusing people)


Many people start Deluge on system startup and they choose to start it minimized to the notification area. It is really annoying to have the import dialog popup for up to 5 minutes while you just want the program to run in the background.

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