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#768 Fixed creating torrents - bugs and improvements andar waltherbans

I create torrents for seeding them, so IMHO deluge should add created torrents to the session by default.

When i click "add torrent to current session" in torrent-creator deluge doesn't remember the path of the file where it created the torrent of but tries to download the file to the default directory.

Adding several trackers (one per line) does not work; only the first line (=one tracker) will be added. In 0.5 adding multiple trackers (one per line) worked.

There's no possibility to save a list of trackers. I (and many others?) always use the same trackers for my own torrents, so it would be great to see them beeing added automatically everytime.

The tracker's ranking is confusing: by default every tracker is set to "0", bringing a tracker "up" sends him to the end of the list. Bringing several trackers "up" results in all of them beeing ranked "1". Klicking on "up" once more counts up the tracker's rank instead of giving it a higher priority (maybe it does, but the ranking is confusing).

#616 Duplicate UPnP fails in 64 bit ubuntu package andar wallfur@…

i just downloaded the deb package for ubuntu hardy then installed and ran deluge. every port test fails, even after tweaking settings in the preferences dialogue.

i know UPnP works on my router as other apps, including the transmission bt client, can use it fine.

#693 Fixed share ratio limit not respected andar wallfur@…

running on 64 bit ubuntu.

i recently had my 'net connection "shaped" (which caused havoc for my household and our voip phone) because deluge does not respect my share ratio settings.

i already have it set to share more than i receive, disabled time limits (i think?) by setting both time ratio and time to -1, and also set it to stop seeding when the ratio is reached. doing some manual calculations on that current torrent, it is clear deluge has gone way over the share ratio i set, and is still uploading as much as it can, even after setting the upload speed limit for it to 0 or a low value. i think the cause might be that i have not finished downloading yet.

i don't know how you determine when to stop uploading programatically but i have a couple of logic suggestions:

take the greater of 2 measurements of download size - the total of the blocks needed to download selected file(s) in a torrent and the total file bytes actually downloaded. if you're only downloading 2 files out of a torrent with 10 files the ratio should not be based on the size of the full 10 files, this measurement needs to be dynamic to accommodate people adding/removing file selections from a torrent. also measuring the actual file bytes received will prevent people from manipulating upload ratios by "choosing not to download files" after they have already got them.

multiply the download total by the share ratio then just stop uploading altogether when that limit is reached, with 2 exceptions: don't stop in middle of a block's transfer; and, if the user has set their share ratio to < 1 and is sill downloading, allow uploading until ratio has reached 1 to help prevent them leeching.

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