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#153 Duplicate Add move on cleared option to Move Torrent plug-in markybob TomTerrific

I'd like to request an additional feature for the move torrent plug-in.

When a torrent is cleared move it to a new directory.

I use the move plug-in to move my files to a completed directory. But it's hard to have a script determine if it's done seeding.

By having it move to another directory when it's cleared (either manually or by using the clear when done seeding option) then it would be trivial to have a external script watch the directory and take some further option.

It would be great to have a way to hook a external script to the event - but I don't know how hard this would be. I'd really like to have a external perl or java script be executed when the torrent is completed or cleared.

#2006 Fixed Add move storage failed alert Cas nicorac

Right click on a running torrent (single file one), then choose "Move storage" and enter an existing folder... nothing happens.
The WebUI still shows the old (and default) download folder and torrent download continues there.

#1274 Duplicate Add multiple users support to the webui damoxc damoxc

Title says it all.

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