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#398 WorksForMe Windows version crash issue. admin

I may have found out the reason for the crashes in the windows version.At least I think I know.I am not an expert in programming and frankly I hated the subject back when I was studying electronics.But I have noticed that Deluge crashes whenever the download speeds are very high.My connection is 1Mbps so my max download speed would be around 150KBps.I have noticed that it particularly crashes when downloads speeds are 60Kbps and above.I am not sure what to fill in in the ticket properties below but I hope this helps.

#441 WorksForMe Cause of periodic crash markybob

I think I have found another reason Deluge crashes.Previously it crashed whenever my download speeds were 60KBps and above.But now it crashing whenever 3 or more simultaneous are running.It happens about 3-4 minutes after I start Deluge.I notice that this does not happen when I have 2 or only 1 download running.

#610 Fixed UPNP failing with Netgear WPN824v2 andar vivaelamor

First time I've used a 1.x version (1.0.5) and UPNP is failing with my Netgear router. It was working on the version in the ubuntu repository (0.5.x I think?).

I have done a compile with UPNP logging enabled and it shows the router being sent an extra / in the URL:

If I try that URL in a browser it comes up with the router login. If I take out the extra / it comes up with a blank page ready for the POST.

I have attached the log.

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