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#92 WontFix Preferences dialog overrides plugin configuration changes markybob ben@…

When making changes to preference settings from a plugin using the deluge interface, changes are applied succesfully. However, they are not updated in the configuration dialog - So when a user clicks ok, all the changes are overwritten with the old values. If the cancel button is clicked, the settings are preserved


  • Add scheduler plugin
  • Change the download rate for current time/speed setting
  • click ok
  • click ok

Your new settings are gone and won't take effect until the scheduler moves into the next time block and restores them.

#93 Invalid Ignore Queueing Options for torrents andar deluge-trac@…


this relates to the nightly snapshots.

I generally want to stop seeding once the ratio has reached 2.5. But there are a few files, I want to continue seeding forever. It would be nice to have a way to exempt them from the "stop at 2.5" preference.



#94 Fixed Missing an option to set maximum connections on specific torrents. tim.kornhammar@…

As the title suggests.

Description of problem: It is easy for popular torrents to get hundreds of connections. You can set maximum connections per torrent and total torrents, but not individual. Torrents with fewer connections in total suffers when the limit is reached.

I think this is an important option to let the client become as effective as it can get.

Another harder option to make is to drop slow connections from those who have many connections in favor for slower torrents with few connections.

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