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#2485 Fixed WebUI torrent context menu Options not working XxOsurfer3xX iZeus83

If you can set any limit speed per torrent on upload speed or download speed throught the webui then the limit is ignoring and not working fine.

Only on GTK the limit is working.

#2483 Duplicate [WebUI] Support for icons in webui pluginmanager XxOsurfer3xX

Right now there is no way to access icons that belong to plugins from the webUI. The webUI pluginmanager should make them available for the plugins' webUI.

#1960 Fixed Web UI statusbar shows total_payload_download for upload Cas krip

It seems there is a small data read-out bug in the web ui statusbar. The text will show for instance:

Downloaded: 16.1 GiB (1.3 GiB)
Uploaded: 15.7 GiB (1.3 GiB)

Download and upload amount in the parentheses (listing total for current session?) is always the same. Code suggests it is reporting total_payload_download for both variables:

From deluge-1.3.3/deluge/ui/web/js/deluge-all/details/StatusTab.js:

data.downloaded += ' (' + ((status.total_payload_download) ? fsize(status.total_payload_download) : '0.0 KiB') + ')';
data.uploaded += ' (' + ((status.total_payload_download) ? fsize(status.total_payload_download): '0.0 KiB') + ')';

Guessing it should use total_payload_upload for data.uploaded variable?

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