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#173 Duplicate Suggestion: errors not in blocking dialogs markybob VincentBeers@…

The wire of my external HDD is kind of bad, which sometimes makes the HDD unmount. This is an error at my side, but whenever it happens I'm flooded with "disk read error" and similar errors dialogs by Deluge, which I all have to close before I can even reach Deluge's main interface again.

It might be a good idea to have these windows not "block" the main interface, or have it pop up as a notification instead (like how "torrent finished" notifications pop up at the bottom-right right now).

#491 Duplicate Rechecking indefinitely when external disk is not available andar VincentBeers@…

I have two external hard disks of which I sometimes only have one connected to my PC. However, if I do this, the torrents that belong to the other disk stay on "Checking... 0.00%" indefinitely and Deluge will never get to the point where it starts (re)checking the files on my other external hard disk. It doesn't even "error" these torrents, it plain keeps them in paused "checking" mode until I connect the drive and restart Deluge!

Using XUbuntu 8.04, disks are mounted to /media/disk/ and /media/IOMEGA HDD/.

#492 Duplicate Selecting an "alternative storage directory" andar VincentBeers@…

This is kind of a personal feature request, but probably benefits other people too...

Basically, I have several external hard disks, and some of them usually try to mount /media/disk/. However, if I already have a disk in there, it mounts to /media/disk-1/ and Deluge will never find the correct location this way. It is a bit of a hassle to remount the disks in the correct order, and therefore my request is if alternative storage locations can be defined, so it can try to download to location #2 if location #1 was either not found or contains nothing (of course, if location 2 is empty too, it just downloads to location 1).

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