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#304 WorksForMe Huge Memory Leak when opening preferences markybob

MY computer:

Core 2 Duo E6400 2 Gb Ram Ubuntu 64 bits Hardy Heron (8.04)

How to reproduce:

Open Deluge, click on preferences, watch for CPU usage and Memory usage. CPU usage 100% on one core, memory starts to climb dramatically (about 200 mb). If we close the dialog and then re open it, we have the same effect. I done it 6 times and reached 1.3Gb memory usage.

#308 WorksForMe opening a .torrent file from a browser opens a new gtkui andar danii


opening a .torrent file from a browser, in this case firefox 3, opens a new gtkui, I think deluge should check if there's a ui running and only if it doesn't exist open the torrent in the new ui, don't know if it is possible to open torrents directly for the console and web ui, if they are the ones being used but it would be a nice feature also I think only one ui of each type should be allowed to run per user, I don't see anyone wanting to use more than one ui at the same time

#312 WorksForMe Crashed, stuck markybob anonymous

I dont know what caused it and I can't point out the conditions when it happened. I know it was taking over the CPU time. It seems it was on stuck on a loop. it didn'd die though (the process).

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