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#239 Fixed several blocklist problems andar danii

sometimes the plugin doesn't load all IP ranges or the an incorrect amount of IPs is shown in the status bar
downloading the list manually from the plugin preferences fails every time with a timeout
recently whenever I restart the daemon and gtkui the plugin preferences seem to disappear, see the screenshot

#245 Fixed "force recheck" ends stuck in "checking" mode andar deluge-trac@…


choosing "Force recheck" from the gtk interface of the 0.6 nightlies ends with the torrent being stuck in "Checking" mode. It could be that this only applies to completed downloads or paused ones. I am not 100% sure how to reproduce this. But after I forced a recheck, I have now a few torrents that are stuck. Restarting the core did not help.



#246 Fixed seed ratio save on shutdown andar mirinar@…

When i shutdown my computer without closing Deluge it doesn't save the ratio. If I quit from the program before the shutdown everything's fine.

I'm using debian lenny with gnome desktop.

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