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#3248 Fixed No input accepted in CLI mode with py3 install. mhertz

It works with a py2 install, but with a py3 install then it fails accepting input in console-UI after pressing 'l'to enter CLI mode and the cursor just blinks and no input and also cannot quit with 'Q'and needs ctrl+c instead. Only pressing tab twice lists all commands but nothing else is accepted. I've tried both normal install and virtualenv but always the same and nothing in logs either. I'm on latest fully updated arch Linux. Note this issue has been there for many months and so not based from a recent commit. Thanks in advance.

#3247 Fixed Replace deprecated platform.linux_distribution() function DjLegolas DjLegolas

As of python 3.5, the platform.linux_distribution() is marked as deprecated.

Therefor, a new way to get the linux distro is required...
And it seem as distro is the preferred package to use
(this package is listed at the example in the python's docs).

#3246 Invalid rencode.loads() error pjlbyrne

Built deluge from develop on archlinux. Install and start the daemon with systemctl. Start deluge-console. The local daemon is not shown as contactable.

The log shows:

14:47:38.112 [WARNING ][deluge.transfer :136 ] Failed to decompress (25 bytes) and load serialized data with rencode: loads() got an unexpected keyword argument 'decode_utf8'

Running 'python2', importing rencode and calling loads() manually it does accept the 'decode_utf8' keyword.

If I use inspect in to show in the log the function signature for loads() it says: ArgSpec?(args=x?, varargs=None, keywords=None, defaults=None) which does not match the behavior in the interactive session ie no 'decode_utf8' keyword param.

There is a bug against rencode on github which appears to be the same issue:

I note that the call to rencode.dumps() in transfer_message() in does not do any utf8 encoding, so I tried just removing the 'decode_utf8=True' arg, but I get: 9:29:29.127 [INFO ][deluge.core.rpcserver :171 ] Deluge Client connection made from: 19:29:29.155 [INFO ][deluge.core.rpcserver :197 ] Deluge client disconnected: Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion: Connection lost.

I may be unable to access the internet in the next week (China!). Apologies for any delay in responding to updates on this.

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