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#1059 Fixed Blocked IP ranges is always displayed "0" johnnyg ankouslash

Blocked IP ranges is always displayed "0" in status bar even if Blocklist plugin is enabled. (I don't confirm that Blocklist plugin works or not)

Versions: libtorrent-rasterbar 0.14.5, Python 2.6.4

Platform: Arch Linux

#1060 WontFix After open a file from files tab, cpu (core) load become almost 100% andar ankouslash

After open one file from Files tab in GtkUI window (by context menu), deluge's cpu (core) load become almost 100%.

Python version: 2.6.4 Platform: Arch Linux

#1112 Fixed [PATCH] When file name is changed in Add Torrents dialog, file's path info is lost. ankouslash

When rename file under directory in Add Torrent dialog, file is stored outside of the directory.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open a torrent file includes directory and file (i.e. /dir_A/file_B).
2) Rename file in Add Torrent dialog (e.g. file_B to file_C).

Actual result:
Renamed file_C is stored outside of dir_A.

Platform: Arch Linux
deluge trunk r6066
Python 2.6.4

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