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#2169 Fixed Add Torrent Dialog's ' Download Location' not set correctly when directory typed into Other->Location field Cas beaux_monde

When I add a new torrent from Mozilla Firefox by choosing "Open with" it is difficult to set up desired save path in adding torrent dialog. I sighted that if I switch between tabs in that dialog then save path sets correctly, but else it sets to my home directory. I run it in KDE.

#2826 Fixed add_torrent_file missing base64.encodestring filedata Cas kengichan

when I try create_torrent with add_to_session=True

filedump need base64.encodestring first

#2413 Fixed Add torrent from link doesn't work with split client/server Se7enLC

If you use deluge in split client/server mode, when you launch it from a magnet URL, it launches deluge, but forgets about the URL you clicked. To add the torrent you need to first launch deluge, then click the URL.

Steps to reproduce: 1). Have a Deluge server running 2). Have Deluge client set up to connect to it 3). Click a Magnet URL

Expected results:

  • Deluge launches, add dialog opens

Actual results:

  • Deluge launches, nothing added
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