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#280 Fixed per-torrent setting for "stop seeding when share ratio reaches.." andar Zider

As summary says, per-torrent setting for "stop seeding when share ratio reaches..". Not sure what else there is to explain. ;)

#2372 Fixed "Ratio" column will not retain position after restart zhimsel

This bug is present in v1.3.6 on both Windows 8 and Linux (Debian 7, Openbox).

I set the "ratio" column to be between "Uploaded" and "Progress" columns. When I close and reopen the Deluge GUI, the "Ratio" column has moved to the right. This repeats after each restart, so I if I close and reopen a number of times, the "Ratio" column moves to the right each time.

If it relevant, I am running in non-classic mode on a remote daemon. If necessary, I can provide GTK versions as well and any relevant settings.

#2179 Fixed [AutoAdd] Add WebUI plugin page DjLegolas zero13ro


I have activated the AutoAdd? plugin, in normal GUI its ok and visible but when i'm trying to modify something in WebUI this function is not visible.

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