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#920 plugin "label" fails move folder andar simonbcn

The plugin "label" doesn't works well. I have several labels with folders associated, in almost all torrents it moves the data to folder associated to finish the download, but in one case not. The failed label is the only that I have also set maximum speed of upload, Auto-Managed, and a maximum ratio.

#931 Refresh rate for remote UI andar cristian.torras@…

Add a refresh rate control in the connection manager window. This refresh rate will control the time between UI syncrhonization with the server when using the UI remotely. This will help with low bandwidth connections.

In my specific case the UI was unusable when using it outside my LAN because of my upload speed. I guess that right after one refresh came the next one blocking completely the UI. Could be also a bug of the refreshing thread bloking the entire UI.

#935 High cpu usage with dowload speed limit andar wWolfovich@…

Cpu usage raises when I limit download speed of any torrent or general dl speed.

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