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#537 WorksForMe pb on screen preference andar les.subilleau

i have installed the Deluge 1.0.1 version 32 bits Windows os and when i access to the preference screen, all options are disabled. I can't choose my own port. With the old version, i haven't encounter this problem. Pending, i keep my old version

#562 WorksForMe Big memory leak in deluged andar anonymous

I've never seen this before . deluged (1.0.3) mostly consuming 30-90 MB ram grew fastly to consume over 500 MB . For the record , this happened after closing virtualbox which was consuming around 330 MB . System : Debian Sid . Ram : 1 GB (2 X 512MB) .

#574 WorksForMe Per-torrent download limits are often lost egoguerillas Roman Timushev
  1. If you set download speed limit for torrent using "Settings" tab in the bottom panel, the limit will not be applied. When clicking on another torrent and back, the displayed limit returns to -1
  2. If you try set the limit using context menu, enter value in popup window and press "OK" buttom, the limit will not be applied either

I found the working way to set this limit: the same as in (2), but before pressing "OK" button, press Enter key in the input field. Then the limit will be applied. However, it won't be added to context menu, and won't be shown next time you enter this dialog.

Ubuntu 8.04, Deluge 1.0.3. Daemon + gtkui mode.

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