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#835 Fixed Add torrents Stopped/Paused andar anonymous

I can't seem to add torrents stopped. This feature worked fine in previous releases, but ever since I upgraded to 1.1.4 it hasn't.

I believe the issue may be related to me turning off the Add Torrent dialog. It also turns off the "add paused" option (or however it is worded) for some reason. It didn't used to.

It would be nice to have this option back - in the Preferences menu, this time.

This feature was also requested in ticket 599 - although I consider it more of a design defect, than a complete "feature".

Only being able to use a useful option under certain limited circumstances is silly. If you apply the same design choice to something else, like bolding... it'd be very silly only being able to bold titles rather than individual words in a post.

#434 Invalid Add Torrent window should remember previous download locations andar eatsleepgame@…

The pull-down menu in the GTK Add Torrents window should remember previous locations.

#518 Fixed Add Torrent window too high for netbook displays (1024x600) andar anonymous

The Add Torrent window does not fit vertically on a 1024x600 screen in GNOME with two standard panels (one on top, one on the bottom of the screen). The buttons on the bottom edge of the window display under the bottom panel. This happens always, no matter if you add one or more torrents.

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