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#40 Fixed Deluge adding a torrent that's already added on the list causes a crash markybob anonymous

When I added a torrent that's already on my list by mistake, Deluge crashed. It happens every time. Well it doesn't exactly crash. Apport (ubuntu hardy) kicks in saying Deluge crashed, but it keeps on going. Admittedly once the torrent list froze after something like this happened.

#41 Fixed A redesign for the "remove torrent" modal dialog window is needed andar anonymous

The "remove torrent" modal dialog window is a good example for really bad design. It doesn't conform to GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. But screw that, they're just guidelines, right? No. Get a UI designer on your team. This isn't meant as an attack. I'm giving you valuable insight here. Deluge is a good application overall.

Currently this is what it looks like:

Text (not sure, translating on the fly, using Polish version): Do you really want to remove the torrent/torrents?


  • Delete files
  • Delete .torrent files


Yes, No.

How should it look like?

Text: Remove %n torrent(s)? (Please enable proper plural forms support, this (s) is just a sad hack)


Remove from list only

Remove and delete .torrent files

Remove and delete downloaded files

Remove and delete all associated files

If you think the labels on buttons will be too long, don't worry, they won't be. It's all about usability, readability, interface standardization (I was really stumped by this dialog and didn't know what to do at first) and not trying to mimmick a clumsy Windows-like interface. Avoid modal dialogs like the plague, but if you really need them (like here), again, avoid "Yes" and "No" button labels at all costs. I dare you show me one GNOME application in having such labels on any button. That would be a sign of downright bad design.

Look at this bug to see a mockup of what am I on about here

I hope you consider this proposal for a future version.

#42 WontFix Writes and Reads reduction. andar anonymous

I've noticed that Deluge keeps flushing the data back to the drive almost immidiately after it receives it. It also seems to read data for uploading as it's needed. With just one torrent going 100KB/s down and 50KB/s up my HDD LED keeps flashing like crazy. This is very taxing for hard drives. Please make an option available to have the data flushed less frequently (like a slider with some reasonable values and a reasonable default value, say 2MB).

This would reduce writes.

Also, some sort of intelligent and more RAM-heavy (hey, RAM is cheap and it could be optional) uploading mechanism would be in order. Like buffering more data at once, I'm not sure how the protocol works, but parts that have most demand could be pre-emptively cached or/and if there's some sort of a queue, parse who needs what in advance and cache this data in bigger chunks in preperation before sending it.

This would reduce reads.

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