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#1124 WebUI login not functioning in Opera 10.10 damoxc georgia_tech_swagger

The login is non-funtional. It simply immediately returns another password prompt. Login works just fine in Firefox.

#1026 Fixed WebUI locks up/gets incredibly slow when there are many torrents damoxc gonX

Running 1.2.0_dev on my seedbox, my own computer locks up (with fairly decent specs) during the load of the WebUI, after having typed in the password.

I've tested this under Chromium b27944, latest Opera, latest Firefox and latest Epiphany.

I have around 300 torrents seeding, and it works fine in the 1.1.9 WebUI under both Ajax, white and classic. The CPU usage is fine under 1.2 on the seedbox itself (around 5%), and I can see that it's actually seeding with the console UI, but the CPU usage on my main computer flies to 100% after it's starting to load.

#919 Fixed WebUI links have unwanted spaces andar bjonkman@…

Going to http://localhost:8112 redirects to http://localhost/%20/index

Some other links on the page also link to URLs with unwanted spaces, eg. http://localhost/%20/login . Manually correcting the URL (removing a space and a slash) gives a valid URL.

Using Windows v1.1.7

Thanx, Bob Jonkman bjonkman@…

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