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#379 Invalid Label plugin gtkui does not account for remote daemon andar silverdulcet

"The folder contents could not be displayed" error accessing 'file:///movetorrent/path': File not found

Local gtkui client looks for path set in Move Torrent option on the local file system rather then on the remote daemon system.

#380 Fixed cant see torrent list on hebrew desktop andar

add a torrent on version 1.0.0_RC3 then close deluge and open it with this commend:LANGUAGE=he deluge there are no torrent on the list and back on English i can see the list.

i'll add a screenshot it needed.

#381 Fixed Bug in Archlinux PKGBUILD / andar

There is a problem which prevented me from compiling deluge. The reason behin it is, that arch's version of python is to new to work properly with the 0.6c6 setup-tools version. I changed it into 0.6c9 and now everything themes fine.

I created a patch and an updated PKGBUILD, fell free to take it without credits or something. Url of the PKGBUILD and the patch:

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