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#382 Invalid Scheduler (was: dBus Interface) andar garett@…

The loss of the scheduler plugin (albeit it temporarily) has embolden me to ask for some more functionality in the dBus interface. At the moment, it appears I can pass command arguments, which isn't quite powerful enough for me.

What I'd like to do is be able to stop/start downloading by modifying the max_active_limit configuration through dBus. Basically what scheduler was doing, but something I can call through a program launched by cron. Something like:

bus = dbus.SessionBus()
proxy = bus.get_object('org.deluge_torrent.Deluge', '/org/deluge_torrent/Deluge')
ui = dbus.Interface(proxy, 'org.deluge_torrent.Deluge')
ui.setConfig('max_active_limit', 0)


ui.setConfig('max_active_limit', 10)

I'm not quite sure the code above would be the right way to talk to deluge through the dbus ... python is not my language and dbus is something very new to me (about 15 minutes new). If I'm understanding dbus correctly, I might just be able to use dbus_send to pass this information as well.

In any case, the scheduler plugin is a real pain to configure and not quite as flexible as cron would allow me to be. What I'd really like to control is the max_active_limit, but I figure it shouldn't require any more effort to expose the entire configuration, allowing others to do other things ... like between these hours, don't seed, etc.

Also, I noticed IPC is in there too for windows, it might be nice to expose it there as well.


#385 Fixed Report Torrent Size andar garett@…

This might be a preference thing, but when only downloading say two files from a torrent, the size is still reported as the total size of the torrent. I believe it should only report the total size of the files in the torrent that I'm downloading. It's trivial thing so if it's too much work or will affect performance, forget I said anything.

#387 Fixed torrent checking not working andar danii

Deluge 1.1.0-dev 3555 when I add a torrent that I've already downloaded for seeding or to resume deluge skips checking and starts to download, when I force the recheck the torrent says checking but is stuck at 0.00% for recheck to work I have to add the torrent in paused state, or add normally pause torrent and do a forced recheck. no log warnings or errors

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