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#3194 Invalid won't download new torrents using autoadd kroli

So I have the auto add plugin set to C:\Downloads and it downloads my stuff to H:\Films which is an external HDD (matters or not) but I can do nothing except restart the software completely to make the software start downloading the added torrents.

#3190 Invalid No bugs or crashes! a user temporary

so I want to start with the current device performance :laptop the hard drive is 5400rpm last I know the cache for the harddrive is 8mb's I mostly use the wifi connection that's always different and I have previously used the original BitTorrent? client prior to the ad placement advertisement for the app and the paid for services I have seriously had more problems from the device management with the BitTorrent? client and the concurrent updates that were applied to the torrent client as well I will include the settings what you do with them is up to you and how you update the client is the same I personally have no reason to use the auto updater in the future or use any update services from the website also I do not currently really know if I have any installers on the PC's backed up and don't really care if I have to install new versions of the app in the future

#3189 Fixed Refactor HTTPDownloader to Agent DjLegolas DjLegolas

As of twisted 16.7.0, twisted.web.client.HTTPDownloader have been marked as deprecated.
This caused the tests results to show many lines of warnings about it.
The suggested replacement is twisted.web.client.Agent.

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