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#858 WorksForMe Input-output error on uncomplete downloads after restarting deluge EXT4 andar

When using EXT4, if I close Deluge (1.4 and 1.5) then start Deluge again (Full close, ie: File-->Close) when I restart Deluge any torrents which have not completed will attempt to resume. Most often, any resumed torrents will go to "Error" status. Details say "Input/output error". If do a "force recheck" on the torrent it will error out almost immediately (ususaly at less than 1%, even if it was at 98% completed before the restart.)

Files are being written to EXT4 file system, 2.6.28 kernel, X86_64

I have tried checking the FS, no corruption.

The only solution I've found is to completely delete the data and start the download agian.

#898 WorksForMe problem with lables and "move ready torrent" function andar

If you use plugin "Labels", and activate move ready torrent function for each label. For eg. (label movies - move to /torrent/ready/movies, music to /torrent/ready/music, etc ) When deluge restart, downloads defined correct with lables, but field "move to" for each download has string "/torrent/ready" (its default ready path) without label prefix.

#901 WorksForMe Segmentation fault on startup in svn r5146 andar

Started deluge from command line with no arguments and got a lot of errors which eventually gave a segmentation fault.

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