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#2868 WorksForMe OSX sound notification is still greyed out tricia

Under Settings and UI Notifications, Popups enabled and Sound enabled are greyed out. The Sound Customization tab is also greyed out.

Still not fixed after the 1.3.13 update

#116 Fixed Delug SVN doesn't save share ratio between seesions markybob tribaal@…

Delug doesn't seem to save share ratio between sessions.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Install the version from SVN (rev 3003 last time I checked)
  • Share a torrent until your ratio is non 0.0 (0.1 works)
  • Close Deluge
  • Open Deluge. Your torrent's share ratio is now back to 0.0
#444 Fixed Deluge 0.6 SVN performances sluggish andar tribaal@…

My deluge SVN (I pull updates on a daily basis) is consistently slower than other clients (using the same setup - same torrents). The reported version is Deluge 1.1.0-devr3704.

I tried deluge, transmission and azureus on my Ubuntu 8.04 laptop, and deluge's transfer speed are consistently slower than its counterparts.

I attached a screenshot of my network preferences - the port I use (9999) reports being open with the integrated test.

Let me know if I can help any further.

  • Trib'
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