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#2017 WorksForMe WebUI gets into an endless Login loop damoxc Cas

Forwarded from forum (needs verified):

WebUI and password problems seem to have been discussed a lot here, but still this problem is quite maddening - here is the step-by-step:

(1) Start deluge (I use the deluge-gtk, from the desktop, for the moment)
(2) Connect to it using a browser - login using the default password
(3) Observe it all functioning properly - you can see the torrents, make changes, etc.
(4) Click the the Options/Prefs/Configure button and open the pane that lets you change
 the Password and/or the Timeout and other things
(5) Make ANY change there - e.g. set the timeout to something else.
(6) Hit Apply and/or OK
*** You get into an endless loop of Login Prompts !!! You are asked for your password
 again and again!

If you enter the:
(a) Correct password - you just get another login prompt window
(b) Incorrect password - you get an "You entered an incorrect password!" message
 and back to the login prompt.

No, I have not and do not wish to change the password! All I want is the WebUI to let me in! It clearly makes a distinction between the right and wrong passwords, but _something_ seems to get into some endless loop of logins when that particular config pane is used.

#3148 Fixed [WebUI] Get connect user's auth level and name DjLegolas

I saw that there are plugins that enables functionality depending on the auth level of the connected user. But, there is no way for a plugin with a webui interface to get the auth level.

For example, in the AutoAdd? plugin, the GtkUI calls the client's get_auth_level function, but there is no such function available for the WebUI.

So, I thought to add this function, and perhaps get_auth_user too.

Any way to add this support without the need to change the WebUI code itself? And if not, where is the best place to put the code in?

#681 Fixed Webui freezes when accessed from iPod. mvoncken Stavros

I am trying to access deluge 1.1 RC2 with the ajax webui from my iPod and the server freezes after I authenticate and won't accept connections from any host until restarted.

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