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#405 Fixed Display seeding torrents below downloading torrents andar

In the "All" view when sorting by queue number, seeding torrents are currently shown above the downloading torrents. Deluge should display the downloading torrents first, like it did in 0.5.x, or at least have an option to do so.

Currently, when you're seeding a lot of torrents, you may have to scroll down in order to see your downloading torrents. This seems backwards, since it's usually the downloading torrents that you're most actively interested in.

#406 Fixed Option to display just the file chooser on add andar

For users who don't need the advanced options in the new Add Torrents dialog, there should be an option to display just the file chooser when adding a torrent via .torrent file association.

Here's the ideal work flow:

  1. User clicks on a torrent link in a web browser or double-clicks a .torrent file on their computer.
  2. The user sees a file chooser to select the destination directory for the torrent file(s).
  3. Upon hitting "Open" in the file chooser dialog, the torrent is added. No further actions should be necessary.

This work flow was available in Deluge 0.5.x and it was a much more streamlined experience for users who don't need the advanced features offered by the new interface. These users now have to perform several additional actions to achieve the same result.

#407 Fixed Negative ETA when setting files to "Do not download" andar

After setting the priority of files (which have completed pieces) to "Do not download", under certain circumstances the ETA will turn negative. The ETA returns to normal after setting the said files to download.

This only happens when the size of the torrent drops below the downloaded bytes.

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