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#3154 Duplicate Global upload speed limit is ignored ElectronicWar

Deluged 2.0.0.dev7125 is ignoring the global upload speed limit but obeys the per-torrent speed limit.

System details:

  • Debian (Raspbian) Stretch
  • Latest Deluge 2.0.0.dev7125 via "artful" develop PPA
  • Latest libtorrent via "artful" develop PPA
#3152 Upstream 1000s of connections stuck on CLOSE_WAIT LaserEyess

On announcing, Deluge is not closing the file descriptors for TCP connections and frequently crashing due to 'too many open files'. As far as I can tell, this happens with every tracker, on every announce. After 10 or so announces deluge has too many open files and it subsequently crashes when it tries to open a new file descriptor for a TCP connection.

#3149 Invalid Large memory increase on torrent add. shadycuz

I'm using deluge in a docker container. When starting the container idles away at 80MiB's of ram. When adding a torrent the container jumps up 900MiB's of ram each time. I am running 3 plugins but I'm going to disable them and re-test. I only tested with adding 2 torrents because I ran out of free memory.

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