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#2251 WontFix iOS 6 Caching WebUI json POST requests damoxc Torawk

It would seem that iOS is caching the requests to the webui's json interface. This is causing the UI to show what seems like a playback or recorded view of the progress of the torrents -- since it's showing the cached requests which oddly isn't always the same but seemingly changing and eventually sorts it self out. But I see day old torrents randomly for awhile first.

I found this on how iOS's Safari is caching in v6:

No Cache-Control or Expires headers = iOS6 Safari will cache
Cache-Control max-age=0 and an immediate Expires = iOS6 Safari will cache
Cache-Control: no-cache = iOS6 Safari will NOT cache

via which has some more details.

And it seems to be new with iOS 6.

I was able to fix it locally with a single line change to

@@ -274,6 +274,7 @@ class JSON(resource.Resource, component.
     def _send_response(self, request, response):
         response = json.dumps(response)
         request.setHeader("content-type", "application/x-json")
+        request.setHeader("cache-control","no-cache")
         request.write(compress(response, request))

This was seen with 1.3.5 on Ubuntu installed via the ppa.

#1313 WorksForMe deluge-gtk can't connect to host Toralv

After upgrading to Lucid I can't connect to my headless deluge host anymore. Both client and server are running Lucid and the latest Deluge from Launchpad PPA (1.2.3). I can connect to the host with deluge-console.

In the gtk-clients Connection Manager I add the login information, the green tick shows up, AND THE 'Connect' BUTTON SWITCHES TO 'Disconnect', but the button becomes unresponsive.

Even though the logfile and the green tick indicate that the gtk-client is connected to the host, the status bar and the whole UI for that matter won't switch to 'Connected' status.

#401 Duplicate upnp on ubuntu hardy on 64 and 32bit doesn't work for version 1.0.0_RC4 markybob

Deluge doesn't properly map UPNP on version 1.0.0_RC4 under ubuntu hardy 32 or 64. Router does not show any mappings and its selected in the preferences.

Downgrading to resolved issue.

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