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#1160 Invalid Allow selected downloads for compact allocation mathbr

Deluge currently says, that selected downloads (which files to download and which not) is only possible with the full file allocation contrary to the compact one.

However, if I switch to full allocation, add my torrent and select the files I want, I can happily switch back to compact allocation thereafter and everything’s fine.

If there’s a technical limitation it’s not really clear to me. If there is no such limitation then there’s also no reason to not allow selected downloads with compact file allocation.

Thus my request is to allow this.

#296 Fixed Allow setting TOS/QoS parameters. andar

Setting ToS can be extremely handy for routers supporting traffic shaping options etc, to allow qualifying all data as throughput for example. This becomes increasingly important as more bittorrent data is using random ports and encryption.

And it should be very easy to implement.

rtorrent (using the same library?) supports this for example: tos = default|lowdelay|throughput|reliability|mincost, tos = hex

Change the TOS of peer connections, by default set to throughput. If the option is set to default then the system default TOS is used. A hex value may be used for non-standard settings.

#1226 Fixed Allow to use certificate chains for webinterface damoxc AlexanderS

Hi, if your web server certificate requires an intermediate certificate you have to use a certificate chain file. The attached patch enables that functionality.

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