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#947 Adding a torrent file that already exists in the Torrent file storage folder creates a copy andar

If you add a torrent file that is already inside the folder used for storing copies of .torrent files, it makes a new copy of the torrent based off of the Torrent's name (instead of filename) since the filename is already taken.

I think if the filename is taken, Deluge should check to see if the torrent being added is the same filename (or see if the files have the same contents), and if true, don't make a new file in the .torrents folder.

Normally you wouldn't need to add torrents from the .torrent folder, but if you remove a torrent from Deluge and re-add it, you can run into this.

#988 file or directory not found - really often andar anonymous

I'm now using deluge for over a year, still there is a small error that's still there. Really often after closing deluge and starting it the next time, some torrents stop, under Details -> Status you can see: file or directory not found

Re-checking does not help, you need to remove the torrent manually and readd it. This is really bugging me sometimes, could someone please take a look why this happens. If you need any additional information, please fix.

This is valid with deluge 1.1.8 under mandriva 2009.1, files are saved to an ntfs partition mounted with ntfs-3g.

#1003 X and Y coordinates of GUI window are set to -32000 after using multiple displays markybob

After using multiple moitors the settings for 'window_y_pos' and 'window_x_pos' in gtkui.conf are set to -32000 due to that when I try to show the window it is not displayed but there is a buton on the tray bar showing that the window is active somewhere, also when I move the mouse over this button I can see image of the window ( it is in windows7 ), but I can't normally make the window show up. In order to show the window I have to close the GUI, manually change the values of the 'window_y_pos' and 'window_x_pos' and start the gui again.

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