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#71 Invalid wrong speed unit in markybob


Just noticed that the unit for down or up speed is currently "KiB/s", which doesn't make any sense to me. The "correct" unit should be "kB/s" if the SI symbol for kilo (k) should be used. Maybe a very, very minor bug, but still something to improve! :) Maybe it's already done in a later version, but on my Xubuntu is the current available version.

All the best! /T.

#504 Invalid Wrong Spanish translation andar anonymous

There is a mistake in the Spanish translation that repeats all around. The word "remover" is used as translation of "to remove", when "eliminar" should be used.

to remove (english) = to erase remover (spanish) = to stir eliminar (spanish) = to erase

only in very concrete context "remover" could be used instead of "eliminar".

You can check here:

and here:

#241 WorksForMe Wrong size reported when files are set to "Don't Download" markybob

When setting some files to "Don't Download" (~2270MiB not to download), the Size reported by Deluge increases instead of decreases. For example, in a 5.3GiB torrent, I selected 2270MiB worth of files and set them to "Don't Download". The size reported rose to 7.1GiB. In another torrent (3.7GiB), I set all the files to "Don't Download" and the size rose to 4.0GiB instead of 0. The torrents in question are these two, though I can reproduce this with any torrent that is big enough and has multiple files:

The distro is ArchLinux? and the version is

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