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#2078 Invalid Unable start the application on Windows toniboni88

I've Deluge 1.3.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Updated (64 bit)

#215 Fixed Fix ETA sort order damoxc tom@…

Downloads that are pauzed or are downloading at 0.0KiB/s have their ETA set to forever (or something like that, I'm not using it in English but you probably get what I'm trying to say).

When sorting downloads by ETA these paused/stalled downloads are placed higher than the fastest download, in stead of lower than the slowest. This doesn't make sense. A torrent that is not downloading is not faster than one that only has a few seconds left, at this rate it is slower than one that is expected to take another 3,5 days to download. Can the sorting be changed to display them in this order?

Thank you!

#219 Invalid Split details into two tabs andar tom@…

The details tab currently consists of two boxes: "Statistics" and "Torrent info". These boxes can become quite wide when displaying a torrent that has a large filename or path. Because these two boxes are displayed next to each other a horizontal scroll bar is displayed when they become wider than the window width itself. This occurs even more often when the deluge window is not maximized.

Can the details tab be removed and replaced by two new tabs: a Statistics and a Torrent Info tab? I think this would make the interface cleaner and easier for users. The Statistics tab would be the logical default tab to display, as this contains the most important information.

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