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#1224 WorksForMe Deluge doesn't use the "share ratio limit" in general preferences simonbcn

I explain this with images.
I have defined in Preferences > Queue:

I have added one torrent and this is its queue options:

#1230 WorksForMe Plugin label doesn't apply correctly the preferences when I change torrent between labels simonbcn

Label "blu-ray"

Label "dvd"

Options of torrent in label "blu-ray":

I change this torrent from "blu-ray" to "dvd" but Deluge doesn't apply any option of the new label.

#1231 WorksForMe Deluge-gtk doesn't preserve the displayed columns between restarts of daemon simonbcn

deluged in server, deluge-gtk in local.
I have reordered the displayed columns and I have deleted one of them.
When I restart deluge-gtk, it preserves the displayed columns and the order.
But when I restart daemon, deluge-gtk lost this.

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