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#219 Invalid Split details into two tabs andar tom@…

The details tab currently consists of two boxes: "Statistics" and "Torrent info". These boxes can become quite wide when displaying a torrent that has a large filename or path. Because these two boxes are displayed next to each other a horizontal scroll bar is displayed when they become wider than the window width itself. This occurs even more often when the deluge window is not maximized.

Can the details tab be removed and replaced by two new tabs: a Statistics and a Torrent Info tab? I think this would make the interface cleaner and easier for users. The Statistics tab would be the logical default tab to display, as this contains the most important information.

#448 Fixed Deluge 1.0 is slow and causes networking problems for other programs andar tom@…

I've tried the 1.0 RC5 and RC7 releases on Ubuntu Hardy and both result in the same problem:

1) upload and download speeds of deluge are extremely slow. Download stays below 100 kb/s while it was well above 1000 kb/s with the 0.5.x series. Downloading multiple torrents at the same time also seems to reduce the average download speed compared to only having one active torrent (all though I can't prove that).

2) when deluge is active it also seems to cause networking issues for the rest of the applications. Pidgin (all protocols) and Skype regularly disconnect, evolution times out connecting to mail servers and browsing using Firefox is almost impossible. Firefox takes forever to connect to a site, times out, or when it does load a page it takes a long time and then suddenly the entire page appears (in stead of rendering whatever is already received).

I've added a screenshot of the Gnome System Monitor. Even though the interface is in Dutch, you'll probably find the bottom graph (showing networking activity) interesting. This was taken just after logging in, with no real other networking activity going on other than Deluge downloading and seeding. Average downloading was probably about 75 kb/s at that time. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Thank you for the (other than this issue) great software by the way!


#174 Fixed Peer display not sorting correctly. andar TomTerrific <tom.n.pdx@…>

Summary: In latest 0.6.0 nightly build peer display is not sorting correctly.

Environment: Deluge Release, OS Ubuntu Hardy i386 32b

Description: When you sort peers by upload or download speed the peers do not sort.

How to Reproduce: Start up deluge with torrents loaded from fast resume data.

Have one torrent seeding & two downloading, 7 more in the queue.

Go to any torrent with 2 or more active peers and sort by upload or download speed.

The peers are not displayed in correct order.

The peers do change order when sorted, and it seems that often the fastest will be at the top or bottom (depending on if sorting by highest or lowest). But the rest of the peers are in wrong order.

Sort by address seems to work OK.

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