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#436 Fixed Incorrect handling of torrents with some files marked don't download andar ari-_-e

Deluge is not handling torrents which have files that are set to "don't download" correctly. When Deluge is started up and one of these torrents has previously been added to Deluge and all of the files not marked "don't download" have finished downloading, it looks like Deluge mistakenly thinks that the torrent is not finished downloading and will start downloading it if it is resumed. If a force recheck is performed on the torrent, Deluge seems to get even more confused, and changes the torrent's progress bar to reflect its perception that the torrent has not finished downloading. However, at that point if I do anything with the priority of the files in that torrent (including setting something to the value it already had), Deluge magically sees the error in its ways and starts seeding the torrent exclusively. Skipping the force recheck step does not appear to solve the problem.

As a side note, the Deluge 0.5 series did something similar to this as well.

#439 Invalid Losing DL % andar

Hello! My OS is Ubuntu 8.04. I have a problem, and I see one man has this problem too. I couldn't register in community, dunno why... So there is a problem: after uppgrading to (and later to 0.9.05) I lose DL percentes of downloaded files. I noticed that this problem comes after locking my computer (using gnome-screensaver-command --lock). When I lock computer and then unlock it and recheck torrent I see that DL % percents are decreasing. F.e., I had 45 % DL and after recheck it was only 10%. This problem affects ALL torrents, when my computer is locked. Is there some workarounds or fix? P.S.: now I use, cause it hasn't such problem. ALso, i installed and 0.9.05 from .deb packages on your site. comes from official repository. P.P.S.: sorry for my rude language!

#442 Fixed Zombie process (Ubuntu 8.04) andar

There is still a Zombie process. It appears each time when i start deluge(RC6 and RC7)

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