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#165 Fixed Share ratio incorrect in v0.5.8.9 markybob TomTerrific

Just downloaded the src and built the latest version of deluge and it's running well.

But looks like there is a bug in how the share ratio is calculated.

Version: deluge,, source downloaded and built.

Env: Ubuntu, 8.04 Beta (Kernel 2.6.24-16-386 32b), all current updates installed.

H/W: Pentium 4, 1.4G

How to reproduce:

I started a new deluge session with four paused torrents with fast resume data. None of the torrents had downloaded or uploaded any data yet.

Started downloading on the torrents.

Examine information for a torrent. The amount of data listed as uploaded and downloaded looks OK.

But the share ratio is incorrect.

For example the download amount is 80.5 MiB (80.5 MiB) and the uploaded amount is 80.5 MiB (80.5 MiB) and the ratio is displaying as 1.684.

#153 Duplicate Add move on cleared option to Move Torrent plug-in markybob TomTerrific

I'd like to request an additional feature for the move torrent plug-in.

When a torrent is cleared move it to a new directory.

I use the move plug-in to move my files to a completed directory. But it's hard to have a script determine if it's done seeding.

By having it move to another directory when it's cleared (either manually or by using the clear when done seeding option) then it would be trivial to have a external script watch the directory and take some further option.

It would be great to have a way to hook a external script to the event - but I don't know how hard this would be. I'd really like to have a external perl or java script be executed when the torrent is completed or cleared.

#164 WontFix Change ETA calculation - when seeding & set to stop at ratio, display time to done seeding markybob TomTerrific

I usually seed until I hit a specific ratio for a torrent, such as 1.0.

I often manually use a calculator to estimate how much longer a torrent will seed.

I would like the ETA to show the estimated length of time left to complete seeding instead of the current method of showing ETA infinity.

So my suggested pseudo code would be:

If torrent-state = downloading then{

do what's done now

} else if torrent-state = seeding then {

ETA = infinity if global ratio set or per torrent ratio set then {

ETA = ((torrent-size * ratio) - amount uploaded) / upload speed;




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