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#1313 WorksForMe deluge-gtk can't connect to host Toralv

After upgrading to Lucid I can't connect to my headless deluge host anymore. Both client and server are running Lucid and the latest Deluge from Launchpad PPA (1.2.3). I can connect to the host with deluge-console.

In the gtk-clients Connection Manager I add the login information, the green tick shows up, AND THE 'Connect' BUTTON SWITCHES TO 'Disconnect', but the button becomes unresponsive.

Even though the logfile and the green tick indicate that the gtk-client is connected to the host, the status bar and the whole UI for that matter won't switch to 'Connected' status.

#1320 WorksForMe "Update tracker" option doesn't work simonbcn

I have installed deluged with libtorrent v0.15
I am receiving much more tracker errors, more than libtorrent v0.14.10. I have reported it to libtorrent developer: Issue 90: Much tracker errors with v0.15 But when I select, in Deluge-gtk pop-up menu, the option "update tracker", it does nothing. Other torrents, from same trackers at same time, work well.

#1347 WorksForMe deluge-console fails on "info --verbose" narren

Using Deluge Team PPA. Package ver: 1.2.3+git20100701.131af5a-2~lucid~ppa1


Name: mandriva-linux-free-2010-spring-x86_64
ID: 86b86de9fdd244bd3707a986fb4f9df2f8854051
State: Seeding Up Speed: 8.2 KiB/s
Seeds: 0 (187) Peers: 7 (45) Availibility: 0.00
Size: 4.4 GiB/4.4 GiB Ratio: 0.840
Error getting torrent info: [Failure instance: Traceback: <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>: 'ConsoleUI' object has no attribute 'screen'
--- <exception caught here> ---
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