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#443 Invalid Deluge ignores DBus and can create multiple simultaneous instances andar chickeneater

While running fluxbox on an up-to-date gentoo system with mostly default configurations, deluge gtkUi can create multiple simultaneous instances by either running `deluge' multiple times from the command line or passing .torrent files as arguments via firefox. All the dbus processes are running properly with a default gentoo configuration which has been claimed to work by other users. Additionally, version is able to work properly on the same system. Only one instance can be created at a time.

#444 Fixed Deluge 0.6 SVN performances sluggish andar

My deluge SVN (I pull updates on a daily basis) is consistently slower than other clients (using the same setup - same torrents). The reported version is Deluge 1.1.0-devr3704.

I tried deluge, transmission and azureus on my Ubuntu 8.04 laptop, and deluge's transfer speed are consistently slower than its counterparts.

I attached a screenshot of my network preferences - the port I use (9999) reports being open with the integrated test.

Let me know if I can help any further.

  • Trib'
#445 Invalid GTK UI Doesn't categorize errored torrents. andar

I ran deluged -d because my GTK UI was acting weird, and come to find out that a good majority of my torrents were recieving errors from the trackers, but Deluge -u GTK wasn't showing the errors anywhere. They are still categorized under "Seeding" and not "Error". Tracker Status shows "Announce Sent" and stays like that on all the error'd torrents, but according to deluged, the trackers have returned an error.

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