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#346 Fixed winxp msi installer sadrul anonymous

The msi installer for WinXP 32 assumes I want to install to drive C, which for me isn't even possible due to a fubar'd OS install, leaving me with drive "F" for my primary...

either an ability to choose the path myself or extract from the msi installer or otherwise download the files in a straight tarball type format (not the source, cygwin and mingw are a pain)

#349 Fixed tabs out of order andar anonymous

if i go to Views->tabs and disable all, then go to views_tabs and enable them all, they're re-enabled out of order and i cant reorder them back to their correct spots

#350 Fixed "Stop seeding when share ration reaches X" is ignored andar anonymous

I put 1.20 into the "Stop seeding when share ration reaches X" field in the preferences but torrents keep beeing seeded despite hitting that limit.

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