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#136 Invalid Please add ability to filter torrents in the list markybob anonymous

Please add ability to filter torrents in the list. For example: Active/Inactive/Downloading/Seeding/Paused/Stopped Thank you.

#137 Invalid "Store all downloads in:" parameter is not updated. markybob anonymous

When I try to change folder for downloads it's not being saved. When I open the preferences dialog again, it stays the same as before. Always defaults to my home folder. Restarting Deluge doesn't help.

#141 Invalid cannot run deluge after crash (something with DHT or asio) andar anonymous

AFter "Deluge crashed unexpectly" (or sth. similar), when trying to rerun application, i receive:

no existing Deluge session Starting new Deluge session... deluge_core; using libtorrent Compiled with NDEBUG. Applying preferences save uploaded memory Pickling state... Scanning plugin dir /usr/share/deluge/plugins Initialising plugin FlexRSS Initialising plugin TorrentPeers Initialising plugin BlocklistImport Initialising plugin WebUi Initialising plugin MoveTorrent Initialising plugin EventLogging Initialising plugin NetworkHealth Initialising plugin TorrentNotification Initialising plugin SpeedLimiter Initialising plugin Scheduler Initialising plugin WebSeed Initialising plugin TorrentCreator Initialising plugin DesiredRatio Initialising plugin Search Initialising plugin NetworkGraph Initialising plugin TorrentFiles Applying preferences Starting DHT... No DHT file to resume terminate called after throwing an instance of 'asio::system_error'

what(): Address already in use

it happens always after crash

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