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#1457 WorksForMe [win32] Tracker error when BlockList plugin is used R4cOOn

I'm using Deluge 1.3.1 (latest release).

When I don't use the BlockList plugin everything works fine.

As soon as import the blocklist then tracker status goes from "OK" to "Error: The system detected an invalid pointer address in attempting to use a pointer argument in a call". Then I can't get any connection anymore :-(

I tried running as administrator but that didn't change anything. I tried only importing the list after Deluge loaded but that didn't solve the issue either.

Machine: Win7 x64 Deluge: 1.3.1

#1465 WorksForMe "Total active downloading" setting doesn't work magnetik


Using deluged 1.3.1 on ubuntu 10.10. Client is deluge 1.3.1 on windows 7.

I've added 10 torrents, 6 are downloading, 4 are in Queue. I've check in deluge, "Total active" is -1, and I try changing "Total active downloading" to -1 or 10 and it doesn't change.

I've tried to restart deluge (server & client).

I've check my .config/deluge/core.conf and "max_active_downloading" is -1.

Thanks !

#1476 WorksForMe Error: invalid port kyle12

So basically every time that I use a tracker without a specified port in the tracker URL. Deluge says "Error: invalid port".

I've marked this as a blocker. I haven't tried adding this torrent through anything else besides the WebUI. So it could be an issue with the extremely buggy WebUI.

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