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#2002 Invalid WebUI Auth not working in Safari 5 and Chrome 16 (on Mac) Damien Churchill guard

I'm using Deluge 1.3.3 through the WebUI accessible over the LAN In both Safari 5 and Chrome 16 I see the password form, and the following requests are being sent:

Request URL:
Request Method:POST
Request body: {"method":"auth.login","params":["*******"],"id":2}
Response body: {"id": 2, "result": true, "error": null}

Request URL:
Request Method:POST
Request body: {"method":"web.register_event_listener","params":["PluginDisabledEvent"],"id":3}
Response body: {"id": 3, "result": null, "error": {"message": "Not authenticated", "code": 1}}

Then 9 other json posts with the same response, and the page is reloaded with the same login form

#1037 Fixed webui add torrent does not work Damien Churchill Dan39

Using 1.3.0-dev built from SVN.

When I click "+Add" button in webui the add torrents window comes up. I can select "File" and then add/upload a torrent. It shows in the list. If I select the torrent all of the files show. I can not switch to the "Options" tab tho. Then when I hit the Add button nothing happens. I have to hit Cancel to close the window. The torrent does not get added.

#1076 Fixed [webui] 1.2.x - impossible to reverse proxy with apache Damien Churchill orbisvicis

The 1.1.x webui included a command-switch to dynamically change the webroot - that is, prefix all urls and redirects with a base url (did it work for all headers/cookies, or only redirects?). See

1.2.x does not offer this, and because 1.2.x uses ajax/xmlhttprequest it is not possible to reverse proxy deluge-web behind apache, for several reasons:

1) Javascript does not preserve the REFERER Header. Apache mod_rewrite rules such as the following will no longer work. RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} protocol://* RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/deluge/.* RewriteRule /(.*) /deluge/$1 [PT]

(notice that without tracking the Referer, Rewrite rules most likely would conflict with other webapps)

2) Apache substitute filters are somewhat broken. The following will not work (to rewrite the urls in the xml[ajax],css,javascript,and html)

FilterProvider text_inflate inflate resp=Content-Type $text FilterChain +text_inflate

FilterProvider html_sed sed resp=Content-Type $html FilterChain +html_sed OutputSed s#url(["']\(["']\{1,\}\)["'])#url(/deluge\1)#

FilterProvider js_sed sed resp=Content-Type $javascript FilterChain +js_sed OutputSed s#'\(\(/[a-zA-Z]\{1,\}\)\{1,\}/[a-zA-Z]\{1,\}\.[a-zA-Z]\{2,3\}\)'#'/deluge\1'#

FilterProvider xml_sed sed resp=Content-Type $xml FilterChain +xml_sed OutputSed s#\(\(/[a-zA-Z]\{1,\}\)\{1,\}/[a-zA-Z]\{1,\}\.[a-zA-Z]\{2,3\}\)#/deluge\1#

FilterProvider css_sed sed resp=Content-Type $css FilterChain +css_sed OutputSed s#url(\([)]\{1,\}\))#url(/deluge\1)#

FilterProvider text_deflate deflate resp=Content-Type $text FilterChain +text_deflate

(notice in this case the limitation with mod_proxy_html: it does not parse inline css. That's why it is also necessary to rewrite the html.)

This is why I'm asking for a 1.2.x re-implementation of this very critical 1.1.x feature.

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